Home staging – How to transform your home into an irresistible property this spring.

Home staging – How to Transform your Home into an Irresistible Property

Home staging is a term that is giving a lot to talk about when we mention: ‘home transformation’. Home staging descends from marketing, which in real estate allows us to channel a more successful process when we mention property decoration.

Today we will explain what this technique is all about and how you can transfer it to a successful real estate level. Read on!

What is home staging?

Although it may seem a current term, home staging dates back to the 1970s, specifically in the United States. It was born due to the high supply and low demand of that time. It arrived in Spain in the 90s and it is in 2008 when it is integrated in Spain due to the high supply and low demand.

This type of marketing aimed at the sale/rent of properties tries to decorate and fit out a property valuing more the aesthetic point. The idea is to decorate a property as attractively as possible and to take photos and videos to give buyers a more visual perspective on a virtual level.

At the same time, this measure increases the views of the property, allows a greater reach of viewers and, therefore, a greater possibility of sale. The main idea is to depersonalise the property and give it a more neutral style that fits in with the trends most sought after by buyers.

Let’s not confuse decoration and home staging. The first term has an aesthetic and personalised objective, while the other tries to sell through a generic style that highlights the most valuable points of the property.

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How to transform your home into an irresistible property with home staging?

Without a doubt, home staging is a technique that adds value to your home and allows it to shine successfully in the whole market. The factors that you should consider when transforming your home in Tenerife and in spring by applying home staging are:

Go for depersonalisation of spaces.

The buyer must be able to visualise himself in the property. For this reason, it is necessary to extract any personal element from the seller.


The more light there is inside the house, the better. It is important to play with the lights and channel the right lighting for all spaces. Remember that it is important to reconcile a welcoming and very familiar visual perspective.

Keep clutter out of the way

By keeping the property tidy and clean, you are more likely to reach the potential client in a positive way. Tidiness and cleanliness convey a message of maintenance, care and order, which also helps the prospective buyer to imagine the personalisation of their new home.

Opt for neutral colours

Colours such as beige, white and grey are perfect for achieving an ambience with a feeling of spaciousness. This will help the buyer to imagine the decoration of their next home.

First impressions

Make sure the exterior of the property is the hook. Attend to the small functional repairs needed, integrate lawns, flowers; and, if it has a pool, place it at its most functional point. All these extra and external factors raise the percentage of large-scale sales.

Furniture organisation

Arrange the furniture in a way that visually invites people to move around the place in a fluid way.

Once all the home staging objectives have been defined, it is time to seize the opportunity and make the most of it through the audiovisual report.

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What did you think of home staging?

Applying this process during spring sales will help you increase sales in a number of ways. This goes hand in hand with increasing the visibility of the property, reducing the possibility of haggling, and increasing the value of the property through successful visual perception.

Let’s remember that today’s buying instinct lies in: ‘People buy with their eyes’. And it is for this reason that home staging is your best ally to transform your property for sale in Tenerife and to be able to sell it as soon as possible. And don’t forget that sometimes less is more. Contact us and receive advice from specialised experts.

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