Buying a home for the first time: what do I need to know?

elegir una casa modular

Buying a home for the first time: what do I need to know? Buying a home is a new opportunity to change your life. The benefits of moving are many, but it is a task that requires prior investigation. If you want to buy a house for the first time, you must take into account […]

We are a delegation of Confort Steel in the Canary Islands

Do you know the Steel Framing technology and the advantages it offers over other construction systems on the market? In today’s post we tell you all about this new system and the advantages it can offer so you can get the home of your dreams:  Confort Steel In Confort Steel they are specialists in the […]

New building models based on energy efficiency and sustainability

Sustainability and energy efficiency are two terms that in recent years have gained special importance in all aspects, especially in our sector, the construction industry. Last December, Sandra Siliuto, technical advisor and quantity surveyor of Proyectos Insulares gave an informative talk on the new construction systems based on sustainability and efficiency to the secondary school […]