Management of holiday rentals in Tenerife

Optimise the rental of your holiday home

A holiday home is the strong point of renting in Tenerife, and for this reason, it is necessary to make the most of its potential to achieve its rental. Proyectos Insulares and SIKOTEN are the perfect allies to channel the best rental management process in Tenerife and today we will show you how we do it. Keep reading!

What is a holiday home and how to manage it?

A holiday home is a property that is available exclusively for holiday use and for specific periods of time. Many tourists rent properties in Tenerife during the summer and for short periods, a couple of days and, at most, a few weeks.

When we talk about rental management we are referring to the service of administration and control of rental properties for a type of holiday accommodation. This process includes the promotion, administration, planning and even the maintenance of the property. It also includes communication with tenants and certain rules to be complied with.

alquiler de vivienda vacacional

What aspects are included in holiday home rental management?

The management of holiday homes may include different types of aspects to be considered during the administrative process. Among these, we have:

  • Check-ins and check-outs. Handing over and receiving the keys to the property, welcoming travellers to the property, tour, welcome guide and pre-housing inspection.
  • Maintenance. It is necessary to maintain a level of order and cleanliness in the property by changing sheets and towels, and ensuring the availability of basic services.
  • Legal terms. With a management company you will be able to forget about legal issues, such as tourist license provision, invoices, insurance, tax declarations, among others.
  • Follow-up. It is important to channel an order and follow-up of reservations, update availability calendars, collection of fees, among others.
  • Establishing prices. The management companies are in charge of identifying the competition, adapting prices according to the seasons and managing the commissions applied by the booking platforms.
  • Communication with users. It is essential to maintain active communication with the guest, manage the messages received, resolve doubts and send out review questionnaires after the stay.
  • Marketing. A company of this nature is in charge of managing the advertising part through the management of ADS on the rental platforms. It is responsible for the writing, descriptions, audiovisual material and exposure of the property, as well as its positioning on social networks.

Island Projects and SIKOTEN are here to help you

alquiler de vivienda vacacional

Our holiday rental management service offers a comprehensive solution to guarantee a constant occupancy of the accommodation throughout the year. We have a platform that allows us to maintain competitive prices, adjusted to market demand at all times.

We have the best advice on decoration, equipment, and we take care of the cleaning. At the same time, we have repair, maintenance and even renovation services to guarantee the best possible experience for your tenants.

In Proyectos Insulares we take care of your holiday home, its proper promotion and management for potential tenants. But we don’t do it alone, SIKOTEN, as part of Proyectos insulares, also helps you to prepare your property with home staging so that it can be rented faster.

What are you waiting for to manage the rental of your holiday home in Tenerife?

Take advantage of the services we offer to get the most out of your property in Tenerife this summer. What are you waiting for to get the most out of your property this holiday? Contact us at

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