These are the colours in trend 2023 for painting our house 

The colour trend is something that accompanies us year after year in different situations in life.

Just as there is fashion for clothing, for work or anything else, there is also fashion for interior colours. 

In 2023 you will be able to paint walls or paint your house in the right colours that are in trend. It is always necessary to have the best interior colours to accompany you and transmit good feelings. This year 2023 new interior colours are coming that will give a better experience inside our home. 

We have prepared an article in which we will mention all the 2023 colours that will be in trend. So, when painting walls, you will know which are the best options to choose. Undoubtedly, painting a house is something fundamental for everyone and now you will know which interior colours are the best to choose.

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What are the trendy colours to paint the house in 2023?

We have a list of trendy colours that you can follow and make your home fashionable. The 2023 colour schemes that will be available tend to be much lighter and softer. Pastel tones are the ones that will set the trend for all those who want to paint their house at the beginning of the year. 

The colours to look out for in 2023 are as follows:

Pale Yellow 

One of the main colours for the new trend is pale yellow, with softer tones to suit interiors. It is a colour that brings optimism and plays well with the sun’s luminosity, allowing it to be used in any part of the house.

Soft sand colour

This is one of the colours that brings serenity and tranquillity to the place where it is used. They have a good impact when painting walls or even to give details that suit your tastes. Its tonality allows to have relaxation and to transmit calmness, besides providing good luminosity and amplitude.

Colores en tendencia 2023

Blue shades

Within the 2023 colours, blue tones such as digital or lavender will have a lot of prominence. They are one of the interior colours that bring lightness, as well as being related to elements such as air and water. Some already consider it the colour of the year, so having this colour in your bedroom or even bathroom can be spectacular. 

Pink in soft shades

This can be used in any space, as it brings much more spaciousness to the place due to its softness. It tends to transmit an atmosphere of innocence, with poetry and a lot of tranquillity for those who see it. Painting your home and interiors with this colour can be a key aspect for the new year. 

Strength with red

If you want to paint walls in colours with a lot more life, red is the one to go for. It shows vitality and strength, giving joy to the whole space, it transmits good vibrations. In addition, it can be alternated with other shades of colour to make a bit of a play. 

It is time to paint your house with this colour trend for 2023.

The colour trend for 2023 will be determined by much softer colours that transmit tranquillity in the home. Without a doubt, each of the colours we have mentioned are ideal interior colours for different types of rooms. 

Bathroom walls, bedrooms or even entire living rooms can be painted with each of them. They will be able to transmit good sensations at all times so that you and those who visit you feel at ease at all times. Make the most of each one of them to be on trend and have the ideal colours.  


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