Ideal flat rentals for couples

The renting of flats for couples without children is booming in Spain: more than 25% of the houses are destined to this type of renting. It is a trend to which the real estate sector is adapting very quickly. Projections suggest that in 15 years this percentage will rise to 30%.

Alquileres de pisos parejas

Trends in property rental

Looking at property rental, analysts indicate that by 2037 there will be almost 7 million households inhabited by one or two people. At the same time, by 2035, Spanish households are expected to have an average of 2.3 people living in them.

Trends point to centrally located rental housing, regardless of the size of the house: square metres are not the priority. They pay special attention to access and communication routes.

They are people who go to a real estate agency to receive good advice. They generally pool their income to be able to meet the mortgage, but they have in mind to fit out their space and give it more personality.

Alquileres de pisos parejas

What couples are looking for

Renting a property should be done with a lot of planning once the decision is made. Knowing that almost 30 % of the budget is spent on mortgage payments, you have to make a careful calculation. But you also have to take into account what the new property will offer depending on the investment. Let’s see:

  • Light. Nowadays, couples are looking for homes with large windows so that there is plenty of natural light. Much better if there is a terrace.
  • Functionality. Making the most of the space is the premise of young couples, together with something very important: ventilation and cleaning tasks are more efficient and quicker.
  • Equipment. Comfort is another factor that couples value highly. Built-in cabinets, heating, sliding doors, air conditioning and others should be part of the equipment of the house.
  • Location. Ease of access to transport, nearby schools, clinics and shops are part of the set of facilities that couples look for when making a life together.

These are very important issues.

The ideal home within your reach

If you are looking for a property to rent with your partner, get the right advice and make the right choice. Turn to the experts who will help you find the best home in the best location and at a price you can afford. Our advisors will be happy to help you. Contact us!

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