Why buy a house in Tenerife

Why buy a house in Tenerife

365 days of radiant sunshine and a lifestyle considered one of the best in the world are just two reasons to buy a house in Tenerife. There’s nothing better for a vacation or a second residence than the fresh sea breeze and a pleasant average temperature of 24°C throughout the year.

Buying a house in Tenerife – A smart decision The decision to buy a house in Tenerife is primarily motivated by one of the most desired destinations for tourists and a high standard of living. Over 5 million visitors arrive annually at this hospitable place in the legendary Canary Islands. From the outset, it is a wise decision to look for flats for sale in Tenerife, thanks to the good income generated by vacation rentals. Tenerife is currently the most popular of the islands due to its excellent beaches, climate, and enviable commercial activity.comprar casa en Tenerife

Retirees from various parts of Europe come here to enjoy this environment. Their goal is to rent apartments or houses for up to six months, which proves to be a profitable investment for the owners. The sale of houses in Tenerife has been steadily increasing since 2017, averaging 2,000 houses per month.

No taxes

Another great advantage of buying a house in Tenerife is that it does not belong to the European Customs Union, so it is duty-free. Electronics, cosmetics, tobacco products, and alcohol are cheaper. Can you imagine indulging in a beautiful sunset while enjoying a famous drink for next to nothing?

Excellent domestic life

The incomparable climate of Tenerife allows for a rich variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to be grown on its soil. By the way, more than 400,000 tons of bananas are exported from the island each year. Much of Tenerife’s infrastructure is supported by agriculture. If you’re thinking of starting a business with good profitability, it’s a great option. By the way, wine and beer are also produced locally. All these factors contribute to a consistently high number of houses for sale in Tenerife.

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Without much hesitation

A great lifestyle for those golden years or the dream vacation in the most sought-after marine climate by tourists around the world is not something to overlook. Countless forms of entertainment available where language is not a barrier, and dreamlike landscapes make Tenerife the perfect destination to live peacefully

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