What you should know when buying a property in tenerife

Being able to buy a house in Tenerife does not have to be such a complicated task. Buying and selling a property is an important process that not only involves a large financial investment, but also involves a thorough analysis of other aspects. Therefore, defining the tastes and housing needs is the first step to […]

Ideal flat rentals for couples

The renting of flats for couples without children is booming in Spain: more than 25% of the houses are destined to this type of renting. It is a trend to which the real estate sector is adapting very quickly. Projections suggest that in 15 years this percentage will rise to 30%. Trends in property rental […]

Decoration trends autumn 2023

Autumn decoration is the central theme of many who, year after year, seek to decorate their spaces according to the trends of the moment. As the month of August draws to a close, autumn decorating events are already imposing styles. This is particularly important for furnishing the home, among other spaces, and for keeping up […]

Tips for a stress-free move: organisation and planning

If you get nervous about moving house or office, some moving tips might come in handy. Many people, just by thinking about this kind of situation, already raise their stress level to the maximum. Thousands of tasks to do start to pop into their mind, all at once. Reacting in this way is not healthy […]

Real Estate Investments: How to Achieve the Best Return on Investment?

The return on real estate investments is a key aspect that every company dedicated to the real estate sector must keep at the forefront of its business. This way, it’s possible to accurately measure the profitability, benefit, or risk associated with future investment in a property. All of this in relation to the amount of […]

What the ideal property for teleworking should look like

What the ideal property for teleworking should look like Teleworking in Tenerife is one of the most fashionable realities nowadays. Thanks to the present communication technology, this tourist island has become the preferred work destination for many teleworkers. However, in order to work without distractions, it is necessary to fit out the property where the […]

Warum Sie Ihre Immobilie als Ferienwohnung vermieten sollten

Why Rent Your Property as a Vacation Home If you’re considering renting out your property as a vacation home, we want to tell you that you’re on the right track. Nowadays, this is one of the most profitable options in Spain with relatively low risk. Below, we explain the advantages of an activity that becomes […]

What is mortgage subrogation and what are its advantages?

subrogación de hipotecas

Have you heard of mortgage subrogation? Well, it is a change of the loan to another bank or even, if necessary, change the owner of the loan.  It is not necessary to keep the mortgage with the same bank until the house is paid in full. Therefore, it is essential that you know what it […]