Trends in interior decoration 2023

Through interior decoration you can transform your home into whatever you want it to be.

With multiple resources we can transmit our personality, our tastes and turn it into our refuge.

We can make it to our taste and make it unique. But above all, the aim is to achieve the peace and harmony that allows us to return to our equilibrium after a tiring day.

If we add to these benefits of interior decoration the knowledge of what is trending for 2023, we will achieve a home that shelters us and, at the same time, transmits modernity and originality. 

Interior decoration and trends for 2023

When decorating interiors, it is important that your preferences and personality are reflected. For this, there is a multiplicity of objects, colours and textures, among many other resources that will help us to achieve this goal.

However, there are some of these resources that have become a trend. The speed at which we move nowadays has provoked a generalised need to use elements in decoration that relax and renew us. 

Precisely this is the axis on which the 2023 trends are based. Simple routes that transmit peace is one of the main messages to be transmitted in decoration, but there are more resources.

decoración de interiores 2023

These are:

Home decoration without stridency

Curved, fine and basic lines are what predominate. The main idea is to transmit simplicity and not to overload. Spaces with few elements where each one stands out. 

Everything in perfect harmony and using elements that have a particular meaning, that is to say, that transmit an experience and have a meaning. The aim is not only to show our personality through them. 

It is to evoke those stories through everything that surrounds us in order to enjoy it again and achieve balance. Scented candles, blankets and cushions and any element that transmits peace and invites you to observe and enjoy it are of great help.

The Mediterranean in everything

Decoration 2023 brings us a style that follows the line of simplicity in both colours and materials. We are talking about the Mediterranean. Earthy colours in a variety of shades (from warm to white) and neutrals stand out. 

In relation to materials, wood is one of the most used. It conveys that connection with the earth and nature. It gives the atmosphere the warmth it requires.

This style is not limited to just one room. It is ideal for integrating spaces. Even the kitchen can be dressed in this way, as it becomes one of the most important places in the house in 2023.

decoración de interiores mediterráneo

Light, nature and handcrafted elements

To find balance in an environment, the importance of light and greenery is undisputed. The sun and plants are direct drivers of well-being. Hence the importance of bringing them into every possible corner.

Just as the trend is for nature and for everything to be bathed in light, so are handcrafted elements. Made of wood, ceramics or wicker, they will be part of the upcoming decoration that enhances the natural.

A home that cares for the environment.

The need for homes to be careful with the energy they use is a priority. From orienting the home to take advantage of sunlight to using technology to control lights and various devices is the 2023 trend.

hogar sustentable

There is no doubt that all these trends stem from the experiences of the last few years. The aim is to make your home your place in the world through interior decoration. By paying attention to these details, you can achieve this.


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