El Rosario, one of our jewels of the south coast of Tenerife

El Rosario, on the south coast of Tenerife, in Spain, is one of those places privileged by nature. Surrounded by wooded landscapes, sunny coastline, vegetation, and trails, it is an ideal destination to enjoy with the family; recreate and relax, appreciating the sea. 

A territory full of nuances that invites you to have fun, to relax, to evoke memories, to rest. It is a destination, whose capital owes its name to the patron saint, the Virgin of the Rosary, is appreciated by locals and visited by foreigners.

Its greatest uniqueness is the variation of its boundaries, agreed in the seventies of the twentieth century. 

Therefore, it is located to the east of Tenerife, on the southern slope of the mountain range and sheltered from the winds of Tabaiba and Radazul. Along 4.52 kilometers of coastline the autonomous cities of Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Tacoronte, La Matanza, El Sauzal and Candelaria converge.

El Rosario: Historical Heritage of Spain

El Rosario has beaches, such as Varadero in the bay of volcanic sand; Radazul, with sandy beaches; and La Nea, surrounded by pleasant walks.

Other popular areas are Moro and Tabaiba, as well as Radazul Marina, where various sports such as scuba diving and water skiing are practiced.

The traditional architecture of El Rosario coexists with important archaeological sites. 

The threshing floors, irrigation ditches and public fountains are vestiges of the agricultural activities that characterized the area after the arrival of the Spaniards. Today, it is an important historical heritage of the Iberian Peninsula


Places of Interest

In El Rosario, there are many places of interest, which are an essential part of tourism and economy in the region.

One of them is the Bosque del Adelantado, located in a ravine, with an extension of 25,397 square meters and an altitude between 850 and 875 meters above sea level. 

Another very peculiar one is the Camino Histórico de Candelaria, declared of Cultural Interest in 2008. 

Around it is the Casa del Pirata and the Ermita de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, a path that pilgrims walk every year until they reach the Villa de Candelaria.

On the other hand, there is the Farmer’s Market, Mirador de Montaña Grande, Zona Recreativa Las Raíces and Ermita Nuestra Señora de El Rosario. 

Buying, selling or renting in El Rosario

El Rosario is an ideal place to buy, sell or rent property. Its strategic location, on one side, countryside and mountains; on the other, sea and beach, make it a quiet, peaceful and charming coastal area. 

If you are planning to buy a house in El Rosario, one of our jewels of the north of Tenerife, do not hesitate to contact Proyectos Insulares.

And if you want to spend a few days of vacation on the island, you can visit the variety of holiday apartments located in the best areas.

North, South or Coast of Tenerife?

On the island of eternal spring, as Tenerife is known, the temperature is very pleasant throughout the year, which is around 20 ° C, which translates into a balanced climate (little cold in winter and little heat in summer), little rain and always clear skies. 

Most of the properties are located along the island or near the coast, however, we recommend that you make a detailed search and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Tenerife is divided into north and south, both with very different characteristics and realities, in the residential area.

To the south is the area with the largest number of tourists, who, coming from different parts of the world, have invested in homes that they have little use for during the year. 

To the north is Santa Cruz, the most populated city on the island. Innovative and cosmopolitan, its houses are dream homes, planned and built on easily accessible spaces. 

If you are thinking of investing in a second home or vacation place, this is a very good option.

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