New year, house like new! Low cost renovations.

When a new year begins, we are full of resolutions and goals to achieve. Perhaps one of yours is to create a more comfortable and modern home without investing a lot of budgets in reforms or having to do major works.

Take note of these small economic reforms to give a new touch to your home and fulfill at the same time one of your goals for this 2022.

There are great changes that can be carried out with a controlled investment and in a reduced time. These small economic reforms will get a totally new air for your home without many headaches.

Paint walls and ceilings!

This way you will get more light and visually expand the space of any room. In addition, you can add some novelty as moldings painted in the same color or wallpaper giving all the prominence to the walls.

Renew the floors

There are many simple and economical alternatives on the market without the need for major works. Very practical floors that are placed in a “click”, on any support. You can also opt for an even simpler and low-cost option: adhesive vinyl floors.

Decorate rooms with curtains, textiles and lamps.

They bring warmth and will serve to cover those windows or more outdated spaces. For sofas and armchairs, you can add cushions, covers or blankets to give a touch of style to the room.

Update the doors

If they are in good condition, white or the same color as the wall to get a change in the simplest way. You can also install sliding doors, a system that allows you to get some useful meters to your spaces and give a sense of visual amplitude.

The kitchen!

Change the cabinet doors, place a steel plate to cover outdated tiles or simply renew the handles. Also laying a vinyl tile floor is an inexpensive option that will give your kitchen a big change.


If in addition to this purpose you want to follow the latest developments in decoration to bring a touch of modernity to your home, do not miss this post.

And if your proposal has been an integral reform for your home, contact our professionals. From SIKOTEN, a company belonging to the group Proyectos Insulares, we offer all kinds of services aimed at works and reforms. Write to us and give a total turn to your home as soon as possible!

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