New building models based on energy efficiency and sustainability

Sustainability and energy efficiency are two terms that in recent years have gained special importance in all aspects, especially in our sector, the construction industry.

Last December, Sandra Siliuto, technical advisor and quantity surveyor of Proyectos Insulares gave an informative talk on the new construction systems based on sustainability and efficiency to the secondary school students of IES de Geneto. The session was very well received by the young people, who are increasingly aware of the need to create new environmentally friendly models.


The main benefits of buildings based on this model of sustainable modular buildings are many:

They have an open and flexible system that adapts to any need for features or finishes. The speed in the total execution reduces between 50 and 60% of the time of the work. Its costs are lower, still offering higher performance and finishes. FAST total execution of work, reducing between 50-60% of the time. It has many more features in energy efficiency, which contributes to lower spending on supplies. Its construction involves less waste generation. The whole system has greater sustainability. There is more control in the qualities while relying less on labor. They involve a smaller occupation of enclosures and divisions surfaces, with a greater usable area resulting in a higher cost.

From Proyectos Insulares, a company committed to the environment and to modern and efficient construction systems, and thanks to our close collaboration with STEEL FRAME CANARIAS, CANARIAS MODULAR is born, an integral concept of modular housing in steel, which covers from the search for the appropriate soil, technical advice, construction and final delivery of keys.

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