Great ideas for decorating small apartments

If you live in an apartment and you consider that decorating small apartments is a complicated task, don’t worry. It is not as difficult as you imagine: living in a small apartment is not a limitation for decoration, on the contrary, there are many alternatives! You just need to know how to organize your home well so that the spaces look a little wider.

The decoration service of Proyectos Insulares can help you to get many ideas for the decoration of your apartment, through a complete advice in that area. For example, if you have the possibility of remodeling or rebuilding your apartment, that is a great strategy to expand it, with tricks like removing some walls or doors to create bigger rooms of your home. However, there is much more… and in this post we are going to tell you about it.

Tips for decorating small apartments: interior design

If you do not have much experience in decorating small apartments, we can guide you through some tips that will be of great help. If you already have the idea of what you want to decorate your home, read on. With the following tips you can organize your decorating plan and get down to work.


Buy little furniture as it takes up a lot of space. If your apartment is small, make sure it is furniture that you are going to use. In the case of seating furniture, preferably individual pieces of furniture or a single sofa, but not too big.


If you want your apartment to look spacious, try to paint and decorate with white or light colors, since dark colors make spaces look small and closed. 

On the other hand, vinyl wall decals are also an excellent option to decorate floors. There are many models for sale and you can even have one created in your own style to give a modern touch to your home!


Curtains are also an important detail that can make your floor look larger or smaller. Fabric curtains tend to make spaces smaller, so it is recommended to use blinds type curtains. It is also advisable to let sunlight in through the windows, as this will make the apartment look better lit and spacious.

Decorating small apartments: space is very important


Furniture for storing clothes usually takes up a lot of space, so the best option is to have a closet. If you can not have a closet built into your wall, there are some bed models that bring underneath compartments to store clothes or objects.


Having plants in small apartments is often overwhelming because they take up a lot of space. If you like plants you can create a single space within your apartment so that they are together. Try not to have plants occupying several spaces in your home, as this will only reduce the space and make it more cluttered.


Finally, when decorating small apartments you should consider including furniture that has drawers, cabinets and, ultimately, plenty of storage space. This will be very useful for storing objects that you do not want to be in sight. Remember that if you leave many objects in sight in a small space, it creates a cluttered impression and the room will seem smaller.

Decorar pisos pequeños

Decorate your small apartment with style and get excellent results.

Small apartments promote creativity and originality when decorating them. Today, there are many multifunctional furniture for this type of housing and, in general, the Internet and social networks are a great place to find inspiration for ideas. 

However, remember that it is always best to seek professional advice, so if you have doubts about how to carry out the decoration of your home, contact Proyectos Insulares!

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