We are a delegation of Confort Steel in the Canary Islands

Do you know the Steel Framing technology and the advantages it offers over other construction systems on the market? In today’s post we tell you all about this new system and the advantages it can offer so you can get the home of your dreams: 

Confort Steel

In Confort Steel they are specialists in the latest technology in modular construction with cold-formed and galvanized steel profiles, designed to be joined together forming cells on which walls, floors and ceilings are placed.

This technology allows you to build your home up to 70% faster than traditional construction with outstanding efficiency and quality.



Steel Framing technology offers many advantages when it comes to building the home of your dreams. In addition to guaranteed quality these are some of the benefits that this type of construction can bring you:

  • A flexible design: by not having a fixed modulation, Steel Frame technology adapts to any type of design you want to carry out, offering all kinds of possibilities when building the home of your dreams.
  • Energy savings: Steel Frame technology also allows you to place all kinds of thermal insulation in your home, meeting the most demanding requirements and allowing great energy savings.
  • Simple installation: Another of the main advantages of building the home of your dreams with this technology is that it does not require heavy machinery to be carried out, allowing repairs to be made much more easily and efficiently. 
  • Speed: One of the biggest drawbacks that we can find when building our home are the long periods of time until we can install in our new home. 

Steel Frame technology can reduce these times considerably, because thanks to the used system it offers the possibility of assembling your home in a much simpler and more efficient way through a panelized construction, which can be performed both on site and in the workshop. 

The construction time can be reduced by a third compared to traditional constructions – a real advantage!

  • A flexible design: Confort Steel uses a very durable technology, with materials that are resistant to corrosion even in the worst conditions. This allows a better use of materials, reducing waste and consequently reducing direct costs.

Proyectos Insulares: Confort Steel Delegation in the Canary Islands

In Proyectos Insulares we have always bet for efficient, sustainable and modular constructions, which make the process to get the house of your dreams much easier. Therefore, since 2022 we are the Confort Steel Delegation for the Canary Islands. 

If you want to know more about this type of construction and you are interested in having a home with Steel Framing technology, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and make your dream come true.

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